The Story of Yun's Family Table

The Story of Yun's Family Table

Exploring Our Connection to Food

Growing up, there wasn’t that much money to go around. We didn’t go on holidays, I didn’t get many presents, and restaurant meals were rare. What we did have, without exception, were the daily family meals, where my mom always cooked from scratch. That’s where I learned to cherish good home cooking, where I discovered my love for cooking and where we connected as a family. That’s the story behind Yun’s Family Table.

Now, I have a young family of my own and I want to keep this tradition alive. So I cook for my family daily meals that, I hope, not only nourishes the body but also the soul. Some might find this work tedious but I find comfort in cooking up family favourites or trying my hands on something new every single day. 

The story behind Yuns Family Table

I love Food!

AND I LOVE FOOD. Cooking food, thinking about food, eating food…there’s nothing better for me than cooking and sharing yummy dishes with family and friends.

For me, cooking is not just a means to an end but a chance to create something valuable with the skills and ingredients that you’ve got! I don’t mind spending hours cooking because it truly relaxes me. Whether it’s coming up with the easy family meals or trying out something complex and brand new, I’m happiest when I’m in my kitchen.

Join me

come join the story of yun's family table

So I would like to share with you dishes from my family table. Yummy food ranging from Classic Chinese fare to kid friendly easy family meals to celebratory dishes and everything in between. Above all though, I hope to share with you my love of delicious food and the power it has to bring people together, and let the story of Yun’s Family Table continues.

So come join me! On the table today, I’ll be serving up sumptuous morsels of food along with a dash of WIP parenting wisdoms and a flourish of self discovery.

Cabbage Salad | Fennel Salad | Carrot Salad | Yun's Family Table

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